Retiree Eligibility to take advantage of unused sick leave.

The statute that regulates how PERSI administers the sick leave program for retired school district employees is Title 33, Chapter 12(a).  This statute makes it clear that school district retirees can use the insurance programs that are maintained by the district for active employees.

This link is to the broad section of statutes that govern education.  Sections 1217 and 1218 also deal with sick leave accrual/conversion to a dollar amount to pay for insurance after retirement, but the main statute is Section 1228.

Lapwai School District's Group Health Plan restricts eligibility for retirees for benefits to those who were continuously enrolled in the group plan for 12 months immediately prior to the employee's retirement.

Page 33 from the Benefit Summary that references retiree eligibility to enroll in the Lapwai School District Group Health Plan.

Idaho School District Council Self Funded Benefit Trust Benefit Summary (administered by Blue Cross)

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