Job Opportunities

Lapwai School District is accepting applications for the following positions:

"Competitive Salary Schedule"

Certified Positions for 2021-2022 School Year:
1. Certfied Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers:  to fill in for classroom teachers all grade levels.  Must have a Valid Teaching Certificate in any area.  $120/day or $60/half day.

To request an application or if you need assistance please contact Connie Desjarlais 208-843-2622, extension 3; write to Lapwai School District #341, 404 S. Main St., Lapwai, Idaho 83540; or email

For Teaching Positons, a complete Certified Application Consists of:
  1. Cover Letter
  2. Certified Application Form
  3. Resume
  4. Transcripts
  5. Three (3) Letters of Reference
  6. Copy of Idaho Certificate

Optional Forms:

  1. Disclosure Form
  2. Optional Information Form

Teacher Requirements: Must be certified through the State of Idaho with proper endorsement; be highly qualified in content area; be knowledgeable of state standards, best teaching practices, and data driven decision making; and communicate effectively with parents and professional learning community.

Classified Open Positions 2021-2022 School Year:
  1. High School Bookkeeper/Gear Up Coordinator
  2. Elementary Interventionist
  3. Middle School Instructional Assistant with Math Emphasis
  4. Middle/High Special Education Instructional Assistant
  5. Special Education Behavior Interventionist
  6. Middle School Football Coach
  7. Middle School Volleyball Coach
  8. High School Boys Assistant Basketball
  9. Track Coach
  10. High School Boys Assistant Basketball Coach
  11. Classified Substitutes
  12. Substitute Custodians, and Kitchen help


Paraprofessional/Intervention Aide/Behavior Intervention Paraprofessional                                                                                                   These positions require High School Diploma or GED and 2 years of college (32 College Credits) or successful completion of the ParaPro Assessment.  Please contact David Aiken if you need more information on the Parapro Assessment.

Habilative Interventionist Position                                                                            Requires High School Diploma or GED , 2 years of college (32 credits) and a bachelor's degree in a human service field from a nationally accredited college.  Must be able to provide documentation of one (1) year's supervised work experiene with children with disabilities, and must complete competency course work.  Please click on link for more information. Please contact Lori Ravet for more information   

Behavior Intervention Specialist                                                                              Requires a bachelor's degree from an acredited institution in a human sevices field or a bachelor's degree and a minimum of (24) semester credits in a human services field, and demonstrate one thousand forty (1040) hours of supervised experience working with children. Please contact Lori Ravet for more information .




A complete Classified Application Consists of:
  1. Cover Letter
  2. Classified Application Form
  3. Resume
  4. Three (3) Letters of Reference
Additional Coaching Requirements:

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Application Deadline: All positions are opened until filled and require a background check.

Lapwai is an Equal Opportunity Employer with competitive pay and benefits.

For more information on the jobs listed please contact David Aiken, Superintendent 208-843-2622 ext. 202 or email

To request an application, or need assistance with downloading the forms identified above, call 843-2622, extension 201; write to Lapwai School District #341, 404 S. Main St., Lapwai, Idaho 83540; or email

Please note we also post job positions on the Idaho Education Jobs website.